How to Save Money Going Green

How to Save Money Going Green

Businesses all around the world are trying to take environment friendly measures. However, green products or trainings can be expensive, and you might not want to increase your budget for that. Fortunately, there are actually some ways you can adopt to save money while going green. Let’s take a look:

Change Office Lights with Energy Savers

Fluorescent energy savers, consume 75% less electricity than the regular bulbs. Moreover, their life is 10 times more than your regular bulb. These energy savers are available in multiple shape, size and power. So, for eco-friendly lighting in your office, use energy savers, they would cut your costs dramatically.

Try the PCR Paper

Recycled papers are usually considered to be of low quality. Luckily, Post-Consumer Recycled or PCR Paper is different from the normal recycled papers. It has equal quality like a usual paper, plus it costs 10 to 20 percent lesser than it. You can rely on its quality and use it to go green while saving extra costs.

Bring in Recycled Toner Cartridges

Recycled toner cartridges are 15 percent cheaper than the regular ones. A survey reveals that if one cartridge is re-used, it saves almost 2.5 pounds of plastic and metal from going into landfills. It also saves approximately a half gallon of fuel oil consumption. That means, you can do a great favor to the environment and your pocket by just changing the brand of your cartridges.

Purchase Energy Star Electronics

Energy Star Electronics are products specially designed in a way to consume less energy. They include computers, printers, fax machines, etc. These are smart machines that not only save money while working but also turn power down when they are idle. You can save up to 75 percent on your electricity consumption by switching to Energy Star products.

Go Paperless

Try to eliminate paper work as much as possible. Modern databases have made this easy. So, if you want your employees or clients to fill out some forms, make them do it online. It would be easier to keep a track of that data. You may think that digital storage units might cost you more, but think of the amount you are going to save by cutting your expenses for papers, printers and cartridges. In the long run, going paperless would be beneficial for both your pocket and the environment.

Buy Power Strips

Too much of electricity is wasted when we do not unplug the machines even if they are turned off. If you buy power strips and connect all the appliances into them, you can actually save this energy. When closing the office, click off the power strips. This way the electricity will not be wasted, you will save on your bills as well as do the environment a favor.

Utilize daylight to its maximum

This option is often overlooked. You can use the daylight wherever you have got big windows to lighten up your office. Turn off your office lights, open the blinds and use daylight for that purpose. This is a very simple way to save money and be environment friendly, simultaneously.

Think about Eco-Friendly Travelling

If you travel regularly, you may want to look for options that are cheaper and eco-friendly. So, next time you travel from one city to another, do not waste money over first class air ticket, take the train instead. It may take more time but would be way lighter for your pocket. Jet fuel does the most harm to the environment, so that would be a huge favor to environment from your side.

Also, if your business executives use office cars, make sure you keep the hybrid models that are energy efficient. This way you would save on the fuel consumption bills and minimize the hazardous emissions.

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